Oxford Colleges

Lincoln College – The Mitre Halls

This two year project consisted of the complete replacement of services to the Mitre Halls with some parts of the building dating back to early 1600s. Installation included supply and installation of new heating system and plant room, with over two hundred and twenty radiators fitted. Complete plumbing fit out that included the supply and installation of sixty five student en-suite shower rooms all complete with an extract ventilation system. A new fire suppression system was installed comprising of a sprinkler system to parts of the building and the inclusion of dry riser installations to assist the fire brigade. Air conditioning was installed and modified to supply some of the shops.

Worcester College – Dining Hall

The project consisted of the stripping out of the existing installation, modifications
in the plant room below the lodge, a new heating circuit to the underfloor heating
sited in the Dining Hall and a new underfloor heating system consisting of a series
of continuous PEX cross-linked hot water polythene loops.

Magdalen College – Smoking Rooms

The project consisted of refurbishment of heating system and installation of new sanitaryware. New heating plant was installed and distribution pipework was run within the historic listed buildings, Extreme care was taken due to timber frames and floors dating back to the 14th century.