G F Cross is Founded
G F Cross is Founded

After the end of WWII, Gordon Francis Cross embarked on a new career path, training as a plumber. By the late 1950s and after a brief departure from the industry Gordon decided to take the leap and began trading as G F Cross where he specialised in domestic plumbing and heating services within the Oxfordshire region.

Early 1960s
Ron & Bob Cross / Branching out working with Oxford University Colleges
G F Cross and Sons

During the early 1960s, both of Gordon's sons, Ron and Bob, became part of the family business, prompting a rebranding to "G F Cross and Sons."

1960s & 1970s
Central heating boom and expanation
Central Heating Boom & Oxford University

Amidst the central heating boom of the 1960s and 1970s, G F Cross and Sons emerged as pioneers by being among the first UK companies to enroll in the Corgi Gas register. They undertook heating installations in residences across Oxfordshire.

During the 1960s, G F Cross and Sons made its foray into the commercial sector, marking the inception of a lasting partnership with Oxford University and its various colleges.

1980s - 1990s
Gordon Francis Cross Retires

During the 1980s, Gordon Cross transitioned into a more advisory role, signifying the beginning of a new chapter, with Bob and Ron at the helm, steering the business towards further growth.

Throughout the 1990s, the company embarked on a significant expansion journey, increasing its workforce and actively fostering the growth of apprentices—a commitment they have upheld to this day.

Central heating boom and expanation
G F Cross and Sons Ltd

The early 2000s represented a pivotal era for G F Cross and Sons, signified by their expansion into their current premises and the official incorporation as a limited company in 2003.

With a steadfast commitment to their personal relationships with Oxford University and its colleges, G F Cross and Sons embraced larger and more diverse projects, collaborating with established construction companies. Their expertise extended to schools, churches, and grand country estates, showcasing their versatile capabilities.

2010s - Present Day
Central heating boom and expanation
G F Cross and Sons Ltd

As the 2010s unfolded, G F Cross and Sons Ltd found themselves increasingly engaged in design and build projects, and they expanded their capabilities by introducing in-house Computer-Aided Design (CAD) services.

Today, the business is propelled into the future by three of Gordon's grandchildren, who skillfully uphold the personal, family-oriented approach that has been at its core since the beginning.